Walk In Cooler Refrigeration

The restaurant needs more than just a single refrigerator to keep the container cool.

Some manufacturers create large areas called walk in coolers to expand storage options and increase cooling efficiency as well.

Even if you’re just getting started with your own restaurant,

using cooler cooling technology can save a lot of time and make your work processes in the restaurant more organized.

About Walk In Cooler Refrigeration

Overall, these coolers are similar to larger refrigerators, which use the same method to cool things inside.

However, the cooling process is closer to how the air conditioner works. Instead of using a freezer to cool down, walk in a cooler with a condenser.

These condensers alternate between the on and off states alternately to maintain the set temperature according to the thermostat. There is also a fan that helps to do this by pulling air from the outside and spreading it throughout the condenser.

There is a evaporator coil which helps to reduce the temperature while the air passes. These components are also important in protecting the condenser from freezing.

Buying Guide

With these coolers priced well over $ 4,000, you must choose the right walk in cooler for your needs. You can start by determining how much space you have, so you won’t buy a larger corridor in an inappropriate chiller. This makes shopping easier because you are filtering the list of existing refrigerators.

The coolers posted online have dimensions and there may be additional images of the interior so you know what to expect. If the details are unreliable, you can consider every cubic foot of open storage to be equal to approximately 28 pounds of frozen food.

Another important thing to consider is walking in the insulation of the chiller. If you are looking for a general model, make sure that the chiller has at least 2 inches of foam insulation to prevent inlet air and good insulation. You may find 4-inch insulation, which is also fine.

Anything more than 4 inches is good if you want to save energy. This is only necessary to ensure that the condenser cools the internal air, so the outside temperature will not affect the circuit.

Many companies, such as Kolpak and Amana manufacturers, come in for cooler cooling solutions, and while they may advertise themselves differently, you should make sure that they have standard features, including the options provided. Choose from both left and right hinged doors.

The door frame should be reinforced with heavy duty hinges.

The main reason why the prices are different is the material they are made from. If you need the strongest material to withstand dents and corrosion Aluminum and Galvalume are centered while G 90 Galvanized acts as the cheapest and most fragile material.

If you order a walk-in online that is cooler than expected, the process is done by yourself. But the panel will be formed precisely to ensure that it fits in the panel Depending on the size, you may need to use a forklift to manage these panels.


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