Benefits Through Time With Teak Patio Furniture

The courtyard is the perfect place to relax after a hard day’s work.

Due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, plastic furniture, wrought iron and aluminum are not a good idea for patio furniture,

as these will absorb heat. A good option is teak patio furniture because the wood will not absorb heat or cold. There may be many teak woods that can be used as outdoor furniture.

But teak furniture is considered the best type The ability of teak to maintain its structure and shape for many years, even through many weather changes, makes it an ideal choice. Another reason for its popularity is its extraordinary shine, which is caused by the unusual amount of oil in the heart.

Teak is a tropical birch tree, a member of the Verbenaceae family.

Originated from a cultivated area in Southeast Asia, this tree can grow up to 30m – 40m and can live for hundreds of years. The resin oil in the core makes it extremely waterproof and protects the wood from decay and bacteria.

Teak also has thick fibers which can be cut and carved in different styles easily.

The ability to resist all types of weather and seasonal changes makes it a good choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor furniture.

Furniture made of teak does not cause rust or corrosion, even in contact with water and high heat or in contact with metal. Furniture can be placed all year round, due to its natural ability to withstand climate change.It is not necessary to store indoors during the cold season.

Can be washed with spring soapy water and areas where varnish oil is damaged or has been removed can be easily repaired. Teak is a hardwood, extra durable and can be used for many years. In a West Indian cave made of untreated teak 2,000 years ago, it was discovered undamaged.

Teak furniture has a consistent and uniform surface which has no splinters or burrs. Its original color is usually honey brown.

However, over time, teak will change to silver gray and retain warmth. This hardwood blends naturally in every environment, and if placed indoors,

the sound of the wood grain will be smooth and teak will retain the beautiful golden brown. Teak patio furniture can give a touch of elegance and style to the patio or living room.

The production of teak furniture and other products is cost effective and does not waste much energy when compared to the production of plastic,

aluminum or metal furniture. Untreated materials for plastic furniture come from many heat-treated chemical compounds processed into synthetic resins.

This product must be further processed before the finished product is made.

While teak requires a little modification after harvest before creating a complete product. In addition, teak comes from gardening that helps increase the amount of teak after harvesting.

Teak scraps are often used as fuel for boilers or for other purposes, such as parquet flooring.

The durability of the teak prevents the constant change of furniture and will not harm landfills or the world when it crumbles.


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