Top 10 Travel Destinations of the World

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

One way to explore the beautiful animals and plants of the largest nature reserve in southern Thailand is canoeing on the Khao Sok River. The rain forest is one of the oldest in the world before millions of years ago in South America. The reserve is home to a variety of animals, including elephants, bears, leopards, and tigers.

Madikwe Nature Reserve, South Africa

This reserve has a private pavilion for every taste: from the Takadu River Camp and the private terrace to the luxurious chalets at the Royal Madikwe. Since 1991 more than 8000 animals have been released. The safari of the fans is almost guaranteed to see the animals. One of 66 mammals and one in 300 species of birds. To take advantage of this booking, bring your ticket to Johannesburg and it will take about three hours by car.

Twasulu Kalahari Nature Reserve, South Africa

After your long Paris flight Search South Africa and the Kalahari Reserve Twasulu. The hotel offers full board meals for small groups. Guests can explore with confidence in the unusual terrain and may see the famous lion of Kalahari.

national park Croajingolong Australia

In the stretches of beaches, estuaries, rivers and deep forests of eucalyptus, visitors can see koalas and kangaroos, but there are also 306 species of birds. There are various accommodations for every budget, from camping to the luxurious Gypsy Point Lakeside Boutique Resort, right in the heart of the park.

Cruise-Dive, Red Sea, Egypt

Despite being popular But the Red Sea still has many wonderful marine life. One of the best ways to escape other divers is to go to places that can only be accessed by boat. Food and diving are generally included in the electricity bill and a diving instructor is there to assist you.

Horse Safari, Yellowstone National Park, United States

Is there a better way than to explore Yellowstone Park as a cowboy? Wearing (e) of the perfect combination, you will discover places that tourists don’t see 4×4 and you will feel closer to the dramatic landscape. Many mammals live in the Yellowstone bison, Grizzly bear, black bear, deer, cougars, lynx, and now a pack of 13 wolves.

Gorilla Safari, Rwanda

After many years of poaching and because some people realize that the gorillas are worth more than the dead lives, Rwanda gorillas are protected. For this safari you have to be physically fit as it may have walking on rough terrain. And recommend booking in advance: Only eight people can spend an hour with one of the seven families of Archbishop.

See Orcas, Vancouver, Canada.

Among marine mammals found in Vancouver’s waters, Orcas are the most popular. Between April and August there are about 80 whales returning in the region and visitors have a 90% chance to see the Orcas. Some experts advise not to charge money if visitors don’t see it. Like what is possible to get fun at a low price, especially now with cheap flights to Canada.

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Wildebeest’s life is not that smooth. Their annual migration between the parks of Serengeti and Masai Mara is one of the best phenomena of the natural world. The Mara River is their final obstacle: if the Ford is shallow, most people manage to cross, otherwise the Wildebeest will serve dinner for the large hungry crocodiles. Enjoy this amazing scene when you stay in the luxurious Masai Mara houses and resorts.

Bear Adventures, Manitoba, Canada / Churchill, USA

Bear fans will be pleased to know that you can see black bears and polar bears on a single trip. You first join the polar bear migration in Churchill, then you’ll be in a horse riding national park that you can see aside from bears, moose, deer and bison.


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