15 Energy Saving Tips Your Home

You bought a house and now you’re in it. Here are 15 things your home wants to tell you about energy efficiency at home before you move in. If only houses can talk,

they will Share details about energy efficiency that you may want to know.

In the future, I know that homes will have technology that will make them smarter and more automated.

Someday, your home will be able to tell you when the water heater adjusts the temperature automatically and when there is air leakage in the attic that needs to be sealed.

Your house will automatically close the curtains on the sunny side of the house during the summer and your home will automatically turn off the TV and lights when everyone leaves the family room.

Until then, we just teased your home to talk and we pretended that you, as energy-conscious residents, were willing to listen.
15 things about energy efficiency that your home

1.The insulation on the ceiling turns black everywhere there is air passing through from the air leak on the ceiling Remember that the seal is sealed and protected.

2. Recessed lighting, looks good But they are real energy problems when the air is not sealed

3. The gas fireplace looks comfortable. But there is a pilot light for 24 hours

4. There is a 2 inch round air hole on the floor behind the water heater in the bedroom closet. It looks like the plumber will drill more holes than he wants. By the way, this is the way I get in so they can issue small gifts here and there.

5. Dishwashers have leaked for many years and then look under the rotten floors and have heat insulation falling down. Soon the kitchen floor will begin to swell and soften.

6. The electrician drills a hole on the top plate of the wall to open the electrical outlet and power cable. The holes did not seal the air and now they allow air to leak through the stores and transform into the attic directly.

7. The reason that the floor registration in the master bedroom has very little air inlet because the heat pipe is disconnected. Now the pipe heats the crawl space instead of the bedroom.

8. The previous owner fixed the exterior wall by painting over the damage caused by moisture. The heat barrier has been a compromise.

9. The water heater is producing water that is too hot. There are two temperatures on the water heater, one for each heating element – the top thermostat is set for 145 degrees and the lower element is set for 125 degrees.

10. The real stove has two filters. The stove filters you found have changed within the last year – filters that you don’t know haven’t changed since the house is new.

11. The air conditioner has been serviced and received a healthy bill, but HVAC technicians have decided that the internal heat exchanger is too hard to accept, therefore never cleaned.

12. The contractor who designed the bathroom and added 52 square feet. Forgot to add insulation to the ceiling – or he thinks you won’t notice.

13. A new whirlpool tub requires a larger hole in the floor in order to make room for drain pipes. The hole is still there. That’s why when you stand next to the sink, your feet will cool.

14. The 3rd bedroom is still growing, molded on the outer wall where the ceiling and walls are found That’s because the insulation on the ceiling blew back out of the exterior wall, resulting in cold spots all over the wall. Yes, this is where the west wind blows in to find the most difficult house.

15. Refrigerators in the garage have existed since the first owner. Just selling to the house It was one of the first refrigerators manufactured with an ice maker – still working. The problem is that the hand-held refrigerator costs $ 550 per year for the convenience of having ice cubes in the garage.

Maybe your home knows better than anyone else about how it can save energy, even if your home is not able to talk to you if you just pay close attention.

Perhaps your home may use sign language. And energy efficiency at home


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