Top Five Tips to Stay Warm and Save Energy This Winter

With plenty of credit, consumers are always trying to check and save money wherever possible. So here are some tips to help homeowners save money on energy this winter.

As cold spells begin to come, most homeowners will start to use heat to keep their homes warm.

But concerns about the ever-increasing fuel price make homeowners not confident in the most effective way to heat their homes.

This understanding has been improved by the fact that two energy service providers have announced that they will increase their prices in the UK in time for the cold season.

The news received a lot of attention and attention from the media, as well as the return from consumers who lacked trust in the energy sector.

Since heat accounts for 60% of the average household energy bill, there is a clear concern among consumers about how rising energy prices will affect their values.

With ninety out of ten households that allocate fuel usage and install fuel limits to save money

However, there are many ways that you can reduce energy use in your home which will not cost you money.

So, to reduce the worry of your next bill through the post, follow these tips and see if you can save energy along with money this winter.

Five top tips for homeowners this winter

1. Your curtains tend to overlook the accessory when thinking of heating at home,

drawing when the light starts to help maintain heat and prevent drafts and escape from the heat.

It may be useful to remember this trick when choosing curtains;

Instead of choosing stylish linen, try investing in materials with thicker lines that can trap heat.

2. Laying throughout the winter is an important trick that will help you stay warm.

Therefore, before changing a thermostat, consider placing a special layer to help keep you warm.

3. Make sure you set the timer to make sure that the heater turns off when you go to bed and turn on again when you wake up.

This way, you will be able to save energy as normal, which you will lose while sleeping.

4. Try and protect any wooden floors in the house with sealants to avoid the cold like any body.

5. If you overheat the heater and your house starts to feel like a sauna,

avoid opening windows and using wasteful energy just by adjusting and lowering the temperature.

To save energy in other areas and not just to heat, make sure you unplug and turn off any items you don’t use in the house instead of leaving the items in standby mode.

Do this when charging your mobile phone. Most people do this while sleeping and obviously do not know when the charging is done, so more power will be wasted.

Most people make the mistake of filling the kettle to the full when boiling water for hot drinks.

Don’t do this. Use enough water for the amount of beverages you make only.

Try to avoid taking a shower and using a shower because warm showers use 20% of the energy of the shower.

The cold season proves your home and especially your pipes to avoid emergency problems such as bursting pipes or leaks.

If a problem occurs, make sure you have a reliable number of London plumbers that can be used in an emergency.

Therefore, to stop your worries this winter, follow these simple tips to help reduce your energy consumption without compromising or reducing your standard of living.

Just by reducing the temperature by just one percent in every room in your home, it can reduce heating bills by up to 10%.


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