The Secret to an Organized Calendar

Have you ever cleared “Reminder Memo” Division to discover, forget about the upcoming project schedule? Maybe you’re busy working just to pick up the phone from a colleague wondering where you are because your meeting is starting. If you want to stop the missing time schedule and start to organize your documents better, it’s time to get an organized calendar. Your options are near the limit, but I will show you how to use Google Calendar.

Set your schedule.

Google Calendar can be shared with others. This is a great feature, so keep in mind when you set up a calendar / s. The great advantage of Google calendars is that you can set up multiple calendars that you can easily switch back and forth. This means that you can have a personal calendar and a work calendar. Using this to your advantage means you can easily separate work from personal appointments and projects. Why is it necessary to do this? Do this so you can share the right calendar events with the right people.

What is the best share?

Bring your family with a personal calendar! Sharing a calendar with your significant other, even your older children, means that everyone knows when having a doctor’s appointment, a football game, or singing a choir. Do not argue that you have never been told anything about something anymore, it is there for you to see!

Share your work calendar with your team. You can use this to have a calendar with the people you work closest to. Everyone will be in the meeting because it’s on everyone’s calendar.

You can share your calendar in many ways. You can let the people you share the calendar with full editing permission or you can limit the ability to edit your calendar

Use the Quick add feature often.

Quick add is a wonderful feature used to organize calendars. This is a great job to make appointments, meetings, and work times on your calendar quick and easy. Google Calendar understands the language every day. what does this mean? Drop down to Quick add features. Type in “Tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm with Doug” Google will add your event on the right day and time!

Set a reminder on your calendar.

Google Calendar allows you to use a variety of reminders for upcoming events. While viewing your calendar can be easily done from your phone or computer, if you have time to develop a habit of checking your calendar, it will not make you very good. And even if you check often, you may be wrapped up in another project and forget to check in. Notifications Notifications are great for this! You can choose to email, receive popup messages on your computer, and / or messages on your phone. You can specify when you want to set an alarm! Need 40 minutes to go to a meeting? Send one reminder to yourself an hour before you have plenty of time to summarize the mission at hand and drive to your meeting. The project has been finished? Schedule yourself time to work on the project and remind you to notify you that it’s almost due.

Your work list

Really want to keep a calendar organized? Search for locations for jobs without Use the “due date” specified. Use your work list for future project ideas, ideas for books you just have, or blog topics that appear in your head. Using your work list for this will help you organize documents. Clean the post-it notes and scraps of paper that are placed around your office, which will help you be the center for these brainstorming sessions.

Your smartphone

The best part? Google Calendar syncs with your phone. Most popular phones, including iPhone, Android and BlackBerries, sync with Google Calendar.

Your online calendar will help you organize and reduce your stress levels! Help make the leap of document organization and always know when your project will be due. Start now, you will feel good when you do!


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