How to Organize Pictures

Digital photography can make you feel professional. You’ve got a great image that you’re proud to show off to everyone you can.

However, it means that you are taking more pictures than before. With the convenience of photography and the storage that digital photography gives us, we can take many pictures. As the number of images increases, there is no need to learn to store better photos. You must have a home storage system for your pictures.

When shooting, it is important to have a system so it will not disappear in a large black hole on your computer. The home storage system organizes them so you can easily find your favorite pictures or search for your photos from specific events or dates.

Your computer file

Understanding how files work on your computer is the first step in storing photos. This is how your file works. (Largest to smallest):

  • My computer
  • My documents
  • My picture
  • Folder (you will create and name these)
  • File (This is your picture)
Building system

I suggest submitting photos in chronological order. There are many advantages to this.

It makes searching for specific events, children by specific age and many other things that are easy to find.

If you choose to organize files by subject or location, when you add them to the picture folder and want to create a backup image CD, you will rearrange your old pictures over and over again. You will need more CDs.

First thing first thing

The first thing you need to do is create your folder. Find your “My Documents” or “Documents”. Basically there will be a shortcut in your Start menu. Then click on “My Pictures” or “Pictures” within your pictures. I will enable you to create folders.

You can use layer folders. For example, start with a folder named 2011. In your 2011 folder, create a folder for each month 01, 02, 03 and so on. A quick tip, including the front zero of the month number, will put your folder in numerical order.

Want to be even more organized when storing photos, try adding more details to your folder name. For example “New Year’s Party 01” or “10 Apple Picking”. This way, when you search for Apple, choosing this folder will be easy to find.

Create backup

You have taken great pictures saved in your home storage system, perhaps to get your favorite pictures.

You must create a backup for your pictures. One option is to burn a CD with your pictures. You need two copies. Should be stored in a separate location from your computer and copied first This way, your images are safe from computer failures, floods, fires, or other disasters.

An external hard drive is another option for backing up your image files.

You can back up your pictures online. Many online websites allow you to store images for free. It depends on which tools you choose to edit your pictures online. Other people make it easy to share your photo albums with friends and family.

You spend a lot of energy in photography, submitting photos, and editing completely. Back up data! However, you choose to back up your pictures to save them from natural disasters, computer viruses, and from children playing on your computer!

Sharing your pictures with family and friends is easier with the home storage system. Creating a backup system will give you peace of mind that those images will always be there to share!


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