5 Steps to a Perfectly Organized Linen Closet

What do you see when you open the linen closet Do you want large sheets of paper and towels stacked together? It is a good idea to know both the inventory of your wardrobe and the location of each item. General linen closets include sheets, tablecloths, and towels for use in more than one room in your home. Because we use our linen wardrobes this way, it’s easy for them to be messy and messy. Organizing your linen closet is easy. Follow these easy steps to get your hometown project started.

1. Wash everything from your linen closet and adjust your shelves.

A clear and empty closet helps you start with a clean slate. Adjustable shelves should be between 10 and 12 inches in increments. 18 to 20 inches should be left from the top shelf to your ceiling. In the event that your shelf is not adjustable and investing in an adjustable system is not an option, see Adding additional home organization accessories such as under baskets, racks, trash racks or wire racks to create spaces. Small Planning your wardrobe with small spaces between the shelves forces you to make the stack shorter and more organized. A large space between the shelves leads to a large set of bed linen that you don’t know what you are collecting. It’s difficult to organize these high stacks.

2. Prepare your closet to start cleaning. Now the closet is empty, use this opportunity to wash the shelves.

How long have you painted your closet? If it is a long time or never wearing a fresh new color shirt Follow the steps to make your wardrobe smell fresh and look good in the future. Some moths and pests can be kept by adding cedar blocks to the linen closet.Adding fragrant satchels will keep your fabric fragrant no matter how long you stay in the closet.

3. Organize what you have and eliminate

Home arrangement tips, suggest that you keep three sheets of bedding per bed. If you have three sets, you can have one set of sheets on your bed, one set in laundry and one set in your linen closet. Two sheets per guest bed is enough. You can donate the extras in good condition. Discard the wear and tear sheets Same as towel Collect three towels and towels for each person who lives in the house. Another green concept is the use of old sheets that are cut into rags.

4. Organize like sheets together

For example, if you have more than one bathroom, divide the towels into groups, depending on what kind of bathroom you need. You can keep sheets and fitted sheets together by keeping them in matching pillow cases. When you have your sheet set together, arrange to go to the same bedroom as well. This level of home organization makes it not difficult to find bedding sets when you need to change a baby bed at night! Keep the shelf open to keep your napkins, table runner fabrics, and tablecloths stored together. If you have a pole to hang in your closet, your tablecloth can be folded in half and then draped over the hangers.

5. The top layer is of large size and off-season.

Place special pillows or off-season blankets and blankets on the top shelf of your closet. This shelf not only provides a special room for large items But also helps to protect those items until you need them Use the original zipper bag packaging to eliminate dust and dirt on blankets and blankets.

With these five steps you can increase your home organization in one week! Have fun making your dreams come true with linen closets.


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