Top 4 Home Organization Tips and Tricks

If your kitchen table has become a landing area for magazines, the latest 6 months, 2 weeks of letters, children’s projects and other clutter, instead of a place to enjoy family dinners and the idea of ​​opening doors to closets or desks drawers. Makes you shudder. Four simple tips for arranging your home may be what you need to restore your home.

1. Everything should have a house

In our busy lives, it is easy to create habits that pile and pile on the surface closest to us. We keep things in drawers and closets when we have time to go to our organization. Finding places for things in advance makes it easier to avoid this trap. If your email goes to your front door every day, there’s no need to think where to put it or go to find the missing item when the bill is due. Organizing your tools so that the hammer goes into the same drawer every time, making not only But will be easier to remove only But also saves time and energy when you need it. Wouldn’t it be great to know where to find things without having to try and remember when you used them last time? As the old adage goes: a place for everything and everything in that place

2. Decide if you are willing to give something in your home.

For example, if you receive a magazine, there will be a basket stored. When the cart is full, it’s time to get rid of old magazines or interesting magazines. If you find yourself holding a magazine for a single recipe or exercise routine that you are about to try, remove the page. The folder that contains the recipes you collected or the exercises you will use from ten magazines will take up less space in your home and then collect all ten magazines.

The closet is a problem for many people when it comes to organizing the home. Most of us wear only 20 percent of the shoes that we regularly own. If your space is limited, take off your shoes off-season or on special occasions. They can be stored in a clear Tupperware on an accessible shelf or under the bed. Creating a dedicated space for your everyday shoes will help stop them stacking in front of the door and in the hallway. This sorting process can be a good time to ask yourself the last time I put it on. Are these shoes too tired to be saved?

3. Create a system for the area in your home that is the most cluttered.

If laundry creates chaos and unpredictable chaos in your home, find a system to handle it and stick to it. Sorting as you go will help make your housework easier. If you tend to sort in dark light and whites, let the three hampers in your laundry area. Kids can go in and play. Pre-sorting makes it easier to load here, and over time, or eliminate the steps for you if you want to laundry once. Store things that you will need to finish in the laundry, such as hangers and baskets, hang things directly to prevent folding, then hang them at the destination. Separate laundry of family members into various baskets. If everyone throws to throw away their own things, the work will be faster and less boring.

4. Find time to arrange the house every day.

If you dedicate a little time every day to move your home and bring lost items back instead, their work will become less frightening. Create a habit from it. If you are a morning person, find ten minutes before breakfast to complete this mission. If you can’t work well until noon, maybe 10 minutes after dinner will suit you better. If cleaning wandering clutter becomes an event once a day, there will be less to wash. You will find that your home is more organized and you will have more free time to enjoy with family and friends.


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