10 Simple Ways You Can Spring Clean Your Whole House

The puddles on the sidewalks are growing and the snow is gradually disappearing. The calendar confirms our suspicion that spring is near. Spring cleaning is a seasonal tradition that brings us more than a clean house, helping us embrace the new season, bringing fresh air and helping end the long winter. These ten tips will help you stay focused on organizing your home and reviving your whole house.

1. Stay safe:

replace the batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide alarm. If they are not in the working order, replace them. Get a new battery for the flashlight in every floor of your home in an emergency.

2. Change of clothes:

the main organization can start in your closet. Do not just pull out winter clothes from the hanger or out of the drawer and store them in Tupperware while you store your heavy winter clothes to make room for your lightweight spring outfits. Him and make a selection Have you put that item all in the winter? If not, now may be the time to add to the donation pile. Do not leave contaminated clothing or clothing that needs repair to handle months from now. Go to the dry cleaners with winter coats, sweaters and pants that can’t be machine washed, sew loose buttons and make sure all the zippers are in working condition.

3. Dusting from top to bottom:

it’s time to dirty hands Cleaning from top to bottom means you don’t have to clean the area again. Use your arms to make them easier to reach with your dusting tools and avoid standing on the stairs. The first thing that needs to be cleaned is the lamp and fan blades. Wipe down the top of the door sleeve and window sill. There are many places to collect soil outside your eye line.

4. Wash the wall and baseboard:

It may not be easily visible. But your walls and baseboard have accumulated dirt since last spring as well Dilute the multi-purpose cleaning solution into the mop bucket and use a sponge to wipe clean as well. The effect of this cleaning product will give you an odor and a clean feeling throughout the room. Open the window and let the fresh air fresh.

5. Dust table tops:

Wash everything from the tops of your table and let them dust well. Suck your bulb and make sure you have dust beneath as well. Is it time to refresh your desk? Don’t put decorations on the winter holidays that have never been collected. Change the picture for a new picture.

6. Wash and vacuum the carpets and upholstery:

For many months of the year we were in the house and bringing the dirt, salt and sand back inside when we found a reason to leave. The floor and furniture look the dirty shoes and pants covering the most salt. If you don’t have a cleaner owner than your own, they can be rented in different locations, making sure you know how to use the device before you begin, and if you’re not confident, try bringing people to do this for you. Allowing the rug or furniture to get wet for a long time can invite mold and other problems.

7. Better sleep! Vacuum and flip your mattress:

Divide the linen sheets lightly and fold your thick winter sheets out. Clean sheets and blankets for the winter before disposing. For the benefit of your home organization and do not store damaged or worn sheets and will not be used again in the fall or winter.

8. Put welcome mats, literally:

give your mats a good shake or replace them all for a new spring design. Wash or shake your entrance carpet with dirt in the winter, leaving traces. Gone are dirty shoes. Prepare for the day of the slippers.

9. Time for a patio party:

You will soon enjoy your grill and patio again. It’s time to divide the outdoor furniture and shake it down. Remove dirt and spider webs from the storage and ventilate the air from the cushions you have in the storage. To make everything look good, is there anything damaged? You do not want guests in the summer to fall down, the chair is broken!

10. Bring in the sun:

The heart of every spring cleaning checklist is window cleaning. Do not forget about window treatments that they have to be cleaned like the glass and screen. Wipe your curtains with a rag and dilute the multi-purpose cleaning solution. It’s not that difficult to clean curtains or blinds, as you think.Many window treatments can be machine washed, look at yours!

Feel fresh after a long winter. Think of an arrangement while you clean up the spring. Projects in the following years will be easier to complete with clean and tidy homes.


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