10 Quick Tips on Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor the Easy Way

Taking care of your hardwood flooring can be difficult sometimes when considering the characteristics of the floor yourself.

Since they are made entirely from wood, they are more prone to damage, such as scratches, dents, crevices and the following items.
Unlike general tile flooring, hardwood floors have different handling methods when cleaning.
If you have children,

you will have to clean the floor many times. Having a pet in your home can make it worse. Spills, fur, dirt, you name them. They can and will deteriorate the cosmetic look of your floor if you don’t have enough cleaning.

In this article I will explain more about how to clean and maintain your floor and the products that will be used to clean your floor will suffer less than it used to be. Ok, here’s how:

1) More often than you have to sweep the floor If you want to sweep the wooden floors, please make sure that you use a soft and fine bristles room. In today’s market, you can find many microfiber sweepers. As the name suggests, it is made from tiny fibers and will avoid scratches when sweeping the floor.

2) Water is the worst enemy of wood, as in nature, water is very easy to sand. With this in mind, always get rid of water immediately before flowing between the wood grain or the seam. A soft towel will be useful in this case and after you wipe it, make sure the surface is completely dry.

3) If your floor is covered with polyurethane, do not use wet mop But should use a wet mop instead of when rubbing The rule is simple: if there is no water dripping from the mop, it is good to go.

4) Carpet runners with non-slip pads are one of the best ways to prevent scratches in areas with heavy traffic. Believe me, if you just installed hardwood floors in your new home, hurry to carpet before doing too much damage.

5) However, if you have followed the above steps, please regularly vacuum the carpet or rug so that the dirt that accumulates on the carpet will not fall during weave When it happened Dirt often scrub the floor slowly.

6) Do not wear steel heels or high heels if you do not want the floor to be scratched. Please avoid all costs.

7) Do not drag any furniture onto the surface. This is the main reason for scratches since the weight of the furniture often leads enough to scratch your hard hardwood floors. If you need to move your furniture, use a glider mat at the bottom of the furniture to help it slide through the floor without scratching.

8) Usually,

homeowners install hardwood floors from the living room to the way back. If you are one of these owners, consider installing a rug on your main entrance. You know the reason why

9) As mentioned before, furniture is often the cause of scratches on the floor. Even if you do not intend However, sometimes the furniture is slipping when someone is sitting. If so, use furniture sheets. Furniture plates are installed at the foot of the table or sofa This will help reduce the amount of scratches caused by furniture slipping.

10) Finally, always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer or installer. This is because hardwood flooring is made from many types of wood and usually these species have their own specific chemicals more than cans or cannot be used.

Remember your manufacturer or installer knows best.


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