Tips to Clean Your Windows at Home

Let us be honest, we manage hardly having to wash our exterior windows once or twice a year because it’s very tricky. No matter how many times during the year we clean the inside of the window, we procrastinate when it comes to the outside. In general, it’s better if you keep cleaning your windows once or twice a month because it will help you maintain the quality of the windows. Therefore, if you ultimately decide to work hard on your own, here are some guidelines on how to work successfully.

Remove window screen

Before you start the job, you must remove the window screen from the frame. This is one step in the whole process that spends most of your time. If the window goes up on the ceiling, you will need a ladder to do the necessary things. Get off the stairs in the room and climb up to get the window out. It’s safe and advisable to have someone catch a ladder as you climb up and pass the window screen to your partner to lay it down safely. While you are leaving the screen for each window, remember to mark accordingly so later you know which screen belongs to the frame.

Gather your equipment

The next step is to gather everything you will need to clean the window screen. The most important thing is that you need to have window cleaning agents. You can pick up easily from the mall. But most will not give the results as they claim. They tend to leave traces above the window. You can do it at home using a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and a gallon of water. Make sure that you don’t use too much detergent as this will cause cracks.

The second thing you want is to wipe the squeegee (T-shaped cleaning using the top rubber edge) is the best choice. Although you can use towels for the same purpose But the squeegee can finish the job faster But it cleans and causes the windows to dry at the same time

Last but not least You will need to use a sponge or dirt-free cloth.
clean the windows

This is the true part of the work coming; clean the windows Dip a sponge into your window cleaner and apply it to the outside of the window screen. Now place the squeegee on top of the screen and with a little pressure drag it down to the bottom of the screen. Dry the cloth squeezed dry with a damn cloth and place it back on top of the screen. Make sure that you are placing the squeegee next to each other. But overlap with the part you just wiped a little Repeat the same thing again with all windows.

Now, before you fix the window screen, return to the frame. Clean the frame for better cleaning results. You can clean the frame with a little soap or water. Dry the frame with a damn cloth before putting the window screen back.

With the help of these tips, you can make your windows look new and clean every month. If you still think that it is too much work for you, you can be sure that there will be an expert to take care of it because you will find many window cleaners at an affordable price near your location.


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