8 Helpful Tips in Speed Cleaning

Cleaning at a high speed does not need to rush to clean. But is cleaning in a timely manner and if expertise is very useful A lot of people say that this is a synonym for urgent cleaning. But that’s not true, because the cleaning involves cleaning the speed very differently. For one, the cleaning speed will focus on using your head to clean efficiently in the least time. Let you have more free time than usual This article is responsible for providing advice for very useful skills.

Tip 1: Every movement must count.

If you don’t know what to do, stop and think. For beginners, try to work in a single room at the same time and try to follow one path to avoid doing two solo missions. Also, it is not recommended to use reverse tracking if there is a lot of work to do because you can go back to the previously canceled job if you completed earlier than expected.

Tip 2: Bring your tools in a portable bag or mini bag.

By doing this, you will save a lot of time by going back to a room to get one or two tools. You can also edit the area instantly with the tools that are right for you.

Tip 3: If it still doesn’t work, don’t fix it.

Don’t waste time cleaning things that aren’t dirty or fixing undamaged things. Focus on areas that are clearly visible in terms of dirtiness The idea of ​​crossing this clean area will give you a lot of time to invest in dirty, stained areas that are difficult to remove.

Tip 4: Top to bottom is the key.

In cleaning, if you start the top part, you will save a lot of time because the dirt doesn’t go away if you clean it, but it will go down.In fact, people tend to miss out, which is the reason to remember this trick. Always

Tip 5: If it’s done, then do it.

Avoid going over and over again. That doesn’t just clean the speed When you clean as much as once or twice as much, make sure you do your best to avoid going back and forth again. The precious seconds you spend cleaning are those that are lost in your free time.

Tip 6: Get your tools in shape.

Before cleaning, prepare your tools by sharpening, cleaning, and removing dirt. These methods will help you prepare for the cleaning process at a speed since most of the time will be lost if you use it to fix poorly performing tools during the cleaning process.

Tip 7: Ongoing notifications

Remind yourself constantly that this is a speed cleaning. Therefore, focus and stop daydreaming.

Tip 8: Mess with both hands.

There are many things you can do at the same time using both hands. Actually, it’s not as difficult as you think or see as you are trained regularly during speed cleaning. For example, to wipe the door or glass window, you can wipe with both hands. One hand on the left side and the other side on the right part


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