Clean Your Bathroom Fast

If there is any part of the house that needs to be continuously cleaned, that is the bathroom. It is just a part of the house used by guests that may drop without notice. The bathroom is also used most often by members of your own family. Therefore, it is a big issue if you neglect to clean the bathroom one day or more. The problem is that it is the hardest bathroom to clean.

This will not be a problem if you know how to quickly clean the bathroom. Even if you are constantly pressured, you can clean the bathroom as often as necessary. If you know how to get started and how to go, you can have a clean bathroom all day without much time and effort.

Delete misplaced items

The first step in cleaning the bathroom is to clean and place dirty clothes or used towels. Personal care products such as bath soaps, toothbrushes and toothpaste should not be placed around the area.

There are things that are removed outside the place, you can turn to the shower area, which is the hardest part to clean. Soap and mildew caps can quickly accumulate on shower curtains, shower doors and shower heads, so it’s a good idea to start cleaning the bathroom with hard parts.

If the dirt that is trapped in the shower is really bad, you can leave the vacuum cleaner for a moment before you start scrubbing. Don’t forget to clean the shower curtain or shower door as well as follow up. There are many products made to clean the shower. The choice of product to use depends on you. Wash the shower with really clean water after you clean it.

Clean glass and faucets

After cleaning the shower, the next step in cleaning the bathroom is to clean the glass. We like to write messages to each other in the glass and this causes scratches and smudges on the glass surface. Use a wet rag to clean the glass again.

You can use the same rag to clean the sink and faucets. Any product used to clean the bathroom or kitchen surface can be used to clean the sink. This also includes any counter, countertop or pedestal of the pedestal sink.

After you clean the tub, it’s time to face the bathroom – the dirtiest job in the bathroom. The bathroom has many areas that need to be cleaned. The inside of the bathroom can be cleaned with a regular toilet brush and a small toilet bowl cleaner or disposable dishwashing liquid. The edge of the bowl and the bottom of the lid and the seat must be wiped clean. The back of the bathroom can be cleaned with good surface cleaning. The closet area that some people overlook is the base, especially the back near the ground. You can use surface cleaners for this as well.

The final bathroom job is tiled flooring, which you can clean as you do with other areas in the house.


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