Top DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets are areas used to decorate homes, offices, hotels, planes, auditoriums and many other locations.

Carpets are a popular option to decorate the floor for some obvious reasons such as:

The rug makes the space decorating elements perfect.

There are many patterned carpets and materials in the market that can bring a different atmosphere from the room and focus on the interior design that you want.

The carpet helps reduce noise.

Especially in a commercial location,

helping to absorb the echoes emitted by human footsteps, traffic, telephone calls, printers, etc.

Carpet makes the floor warm This benefit cannot be utilized in tropical countries like Singapore because the climate is warm throughout the year.

But if your evidence is equipped with air conditioning,

it would be better to walk instead of walking on a cold and hard area.

But for the decoration of any textile,

carpets require constant maintenance to keep them in good condition and ensure that indoor air quality will not deteriorate because carpets are known to trap dust and dirt.

Not many Mold, bacteria, etc.

In principle,

the carpet should be cleaned at least once a year,

depending on the human traffic walking on the carpet to ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance.

But during an in-depth professional carpet cleaning,

there are a few DIY carpet cleaning steps that you can practice to maintain the condition of the carpet:

Carpet vacuuming at least once in 3 days depending on traffic conditions This is the most important step you must take very seriously in order to maintain the carpet condition.

Many large particles are brought to the pile of carpet daily,

so regular vacuuming will help reduce the amount of dust particles accumulating instead of allowing the pile to pile up inside the carpet while waiting for the next carpet cleaning schedule.

This carelessness will become dangerous to the air in the building which will cause serious health hazards.

Always go to any stain on the carpet immediately.

Do not stain on the carpet because the longer the stain on the carpet, the harder the stain will be.

Do not rub when you try to remove dirt on the carpet.

Rubbing tends to spread stains to wider spots and you may risk breaking.

Mop every time trying to remove dirt on the carpet Start from the outer edge of the stain and apply the stain using a clean white cloth in the center.

If the stain cannot be removed by soaking with water,

pat the stain with diluted vinegar. If you want to use some form of foam,

mix a mild dishwashing detergent with 2 tablespoons of water and shake the detergent solution until the foam is formed.

Drip with foam Do not wet the carpet with a foam solution or else it may damage the carpet if it is not dry enough.

Wipe the damp carpets or wet carpets immediately dry using a hair dryer or sprinkling a little baking soda to absorb moisture.

Frosts and mildew tend to grow well in damp carpets.

The moisture in the carpet also stimulates the growth of bacteria and other small organisms.

If you are looking for carpets,

shampoos or stain removal products from the DIY store, try new products at hidden spots always.

In fact, it is best to check the recommended carpet cleaning shampoo or stain removal by carpet installers or carpet retailers to make sure the products you use are safe for your carpet.

If you are unsure, leave the job for a professional carpet cleaner that installs the necessary products and is trained to handle tough stains.


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