5 Tips To Get Great Results Using Rental Carpet Cleaners

Not everyone is able to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. A typical house can cost hundreds of dollars to clean carpets. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of ​​how to use rental carpet cleaners for great results.

You can rent carpet cleaners in many places. Perhaps you’ve seen a display at a nearby grocery store or hardware store. Although these things are popular But it’s not the best choice for carpet cleaning machines for rent.

Assess your carpet situation.

How much do you have to clean the carpet Will you move the furniture? How much time do you have to clean? You have a lot of spots / stains and what kind of they are? Must answer these questions so you can plan your carpet cleaning.

Allow several hours if you plan to clean the carpet in your home. Make sure that you buy enough carpet cleaning chemicals for your job, so you don’t have to travel to the store more. In addition, if you have colored spots / stains on your carpet or pet stains, you will need to use additional chemicals to help get rid of these spots / stains.

Go to the rental store to clean your carpet.

Rental stores often have better quality equipment at the grocery store or hardware store. In fact, most of the time, the commercial equipment that carpet cleaning companies in your area use

Therefore, your best option for rental carpet cleaners is the rental shop in your area. My advice is not to buy cleaning chemicals at a rental store, they are usually the price of the same chemicals two or three times as much as the big box retailers or member stores. Rental rates vary by state and store in our area. You can rent carpets for around $ 30 per day.

For the best results, buy the right chemicals. (And save money too …)

The best pricing for carpet cleaning chemicals can be found in the big box retailers in your area or member stores in the store’s commercial cleaning equipment category.

Don’t buy steam cleaning chemicals in your home because it’s too expensive. You will need to buy products that are commonly sold as carpet separators and maybe some spot / stain remover, depending on the condition of your carpet. You may buy chemicals that you need to clean for less than $ 50 in the shop’s commercial cleaning equipment.If you have pet spots / stains, you might consider buying pet stain remover products or other stain / stain remover spots. Depending on the condition of your carpet

Before the second spray

For the best results while you are cleaning carpets, use a carpet cleaner to spray into your carpet. To do this, fill your tank of liquid with a carpet cleaner with carpet extracts and hot water. Spray this on the carpet using the pump button while releasing the suction motor, which normally sucks the solution.

Before spraying the carpet, you will help loosen the buried soil, making it easier to clean. Then return to the carpet with hot water only to wash your carpet without using carpet cleaners. This will keep your carpet clean and free from the usual residues by simply cleaning the carpet with extraction cleaners.

Dry your carpet

Our last tip is to make the carpet dry quickly. You can do this by opening windows and allowing air to circulate in the room using box fans and even turning on the air conditioner. Which will help evaporate the moisture in your carpet Since you are not able to remove 100% water from the carpet, you will need to dry your carpet quickly to avoid problems with musty odors or mildew. After you clean the room or room, do not close the room or there is no air circulation.This is a recipe for moisture problems.

Use these 5 tips to get your rug back to shape. Yes, you can clean the carpet by yourself and get good results!


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