Ten Cleaning Tips For Your Carpet

If you don’t change the carpet with hardwood floors or laminate flooring like many have done before, you have to deal with stains. More than that, carpets require more attention and maintenance than other floors, which means you have to spend more time and invest more money. In most cases, if you damage the carpet, you have to replace it, which will cost you a lot. Another advantage of hard flooring – it takes longer, and if you manage to destroy it you will only have to change the damaged area.

However, the carpet still has a unique charm and provides comfort and warmth. I understand why many people like them. Therefore, for those of you who like traditional carpeting, I will give you some useful tips.

1. Choose the right type of carpet Ask the consultant in the shop that is suitable for the area.

There are carpets specially designed for every part of the house. Some people can withstand heavy traffic, some people can withstand water. Some people have special coatings protecting them from stains. Make a wise choice as it will determine the lifetime of your carpet.

2. Vacuum cleaners The most important part of maintenance The carpet absorbs many dirt and grime.

To prevent the development of dust mites, bacteria and accumulated dust, you must vacuum the carpet at least three times a week. I know it looks like a lot But believe me, if you do that, you won’t have to change it soon.

3. Perform fast If any stains occur, you must handle them immediately.

The more you wait, the greater the risk of sealing that spot and making it permanent.

4. Test the inconspicuous part of the carpet Some carpets are highly sensitive to certain chemicals.

You can change the color with some acids or dye with strong alkalis. My advice is to ask the manufacturer or consultant at the store to find the most suitable detergent.

5. Gentle. Start with the most gentle cleanser you have.

Combined with a quick reaction, even the toughest stains can be removed with a lightweight cleaning agent. The use of harsh chemicals not only But harmful to your health But you are still at risk of damaging the fibers of the carpet

6. A little is good Do not overload the stain remover or shampoo.

This will result in residual toughness. You will not be able to remove it with a vacuum and the dust will get stuck. Doing so will make your carpets and stains appear over time.

7. Use the least amount of water.

One of the worst things you can do is wet the carpet. The detergent has enough water. If your carpet is not dry properly and the liquid will reach the space, the mold will develop and bring harmful bacteria into the air.

8. Remove the rest.

In order to get rid of any particles, you need to perform rotary polishing. I know many people recommend only horizontal or vertical polishing. But they are all wrong

9. Make sure that it is clean.

The other worst mistake you can do is use a protective coating if the carpet is not clean. This will just seal the stain and your carpet. Not to mention the damage on the fibers

10. Professional cleaning At least twice a year, consider the help of experts.

Even if you follow every step But there is nothing comparable to the experience and knowledge of cleaning professionals. Moreover, they have the latest cleaning equipment and the best cleaning solutions.


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