5 Tips for Cleaning and Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

Some things in your home add value as much as hardwood floors. Their depth and richness are superior to standard floor-to-wall carpets, instantly giving elegance and warmth to your home. Protect your investment with proper care and cleaning by following these five simple tips:

1. prevent damage

Clay and gravel are the worst enemies of your floor. When left on the floor and moving on, they act like sandpaper to remove the floor and polish it. Trap most dirt and grit by wiping the shoes clean before entering the house Place additional runner mats or rugs into each entrance to catch the dirt from your shoes. If possible, take off your shoes completely. Some types of shoes, especially high heels, are not good for hardwood floors. Consider only wearing soft shoes or slippers in your home. Fido’s feet are also important. Maintain trimmed animal nails and ensure that all pet feet are free of dirt and debris when entering the house. Water and sunlight damage the wood floor equally because it can be bent and faded. Immediately wipe off all spills and do not rub your floor with a wet mop. Close the curtains during the time when your house is exposed to direct sunlight. Finally, in order to prevent damage from furniture, place that felt tip on the chair legs that are frequently moved and use slides or coasters when moving heavy furniture pieces that cannot be completely lifted off the floor.

2, dry sweep

Dry sweeping is your daily defense for keeping the hardwood floors looking their best. Use a soft brush or high-quality broom to remove dirt and debris from the floor of the floor before the opportunity to ground into cracks and crevices. The floor is sweeped dry once a day and whenever dirt appears on the floor.

3. Rethink

Water is extremely dangerous to hardwood floors, so do not use traditional mopping methods for cleaning. Mop the dust or disposable electrostatic floor mats, perfect for removing hairs and dust from the crevices in your floor. Do a dry mop the floor twice a week. For added shine, inject a non-wax cleanser onto the mop cloth and spread it all over your hardwood surface. You should not use ammonia-based cleaners or bleach waxes, scrubs, oils, soaps, or harsh detergents on your hardwood floors.

4. Vacuum cleaners

Use the background setting on your canister to get rid of dirt and debris once a week. Please do not suck your hardwood floors if your vacuum doesn’t have a bare floor setting. This setting stops the vacuum bar from rotating, which is an important requirement for floors. The winner’s bar can cause enormous damage to the wooden floor. If you want to vacuum the dust deep into the corner, use a soft brush set on your vacuum hose. Consider investing in a small walk behind the second hand scraper as well.

5. Deep cleaning

Once a year, clean your hardwood floors with wooden cleaning products. Use a sponge or floor mop to use and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper dilution. Make the room well ventilated to ensure that the floor dries quickly and consistently. If the stain still persists, especially know that exists in hardwood floors However, we recommend that you consult with a specialist before choosing the make and model of any electric floor scrubber. Improper selection and use may make your hardwood floors unresolved.


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