Tips for Cleaning Up Stains

If you have a family, the stain is an integral part of your daily life. You must fully understand how to clean so that they do not destroy your floor. Whether it is stains from beverages such as coffee or wine or nasty ink or grease stains, there are some methods to treat each one for the results you want. Here are tips on how to remove common stains around the house:

Coffee stains

If you spill coffee on your carpet, it’s important to act quickly. Rinse or mop immediately with cold water. If this method does not work, try using a diluted detergent or hydrogen peroxide. For extra strength, add a few drops of vinegar.

Ink stains

This may be a real challenge to remove from your carpet. For ballpoint ink, use rubbing alcohol or mix with water, detergent and ammonia. For the felt tip multipurpose cleaner, it should be your first source. Your final option is to scrub the mixture after a couple of minutes. Always use cold water.

Cosmetic stains

If you have cosmetic stains, start with nail polish remover or rub with soap – yes, soap! The next step is a diluted detergent, diluted vinegar or commercial detergent.

Grease and oil

If you have nasty grease or oil stains, start by wetting the toilet paper and using gentle nail polish remover and scrub. (Note – This will not work if you have acetate carpet.) After that, treat the spills with detergent such as loose powder or cornstarch to help absorb fat. If this method does not work, lean to the commercial disposal point or oil solvent.

Pet stains

Although they are very cute But it tends to surprise us unexpectedly To clean the urine, treat as soon as possible. Before lining it with toilet paper and using a detergent or diluted vinegar Soak our spare cleansing ingredients with a towel and let it dry. To clean feces, use diluted detergents and mop the contaminated areas. Commercial deodorizer helps to dry

If you find a stain that has already been dried, use water in that area and then absorb before beginning with diluted ingredients. If the color doesn’t change, you can use a small brush and gently scrub the skin.

Red wine stains

If someone is making red wine, you must act immediately. Use a colorless towel or paper to apply white wine to red wine (Note – Do not rub in just white wine) after you can use club soda and then water. Indulge in your paper towels or cloths. If the win gets immersed in a moment, it may be permanent. The end result, you can try using either a shampoo, carpet, or a commercial cleaning solution, especially for wine spills.

Water stain

If you have a water spill on the wooden floor and set for a couple of days, use a cloth or wool to gently scrub the area. You can try diluted household liquor or ammonia. Mop the wood with a non-abrasive grain.

In this way, when they do house cleaning services, they will not cause indoor air pollution.


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