12 Easy Tips for an Invigorating and Healthy Vacation

No one wants to start a holiday with flu or flu. Changing your daily routine and exposure to foreign germs may make you sick. One week in a hotel that takes care of a sick child does not relax

12 tips to keep your family healthy while traveling
1. Relax

Maintain your sleep schedule. This can be difficult when traveling in different time zones. Jet lag and poor sleep can cause damage to your immune system. If possible, try not to change the schedule too much. If you have no choice, make sure you continue to sleep for 7-9 hours.

2. Try to eat healthy Renting a house with a kitchen (actually cheaper than a hotel),

you will have more space and you can prepare healthy food. If you don’t want to cook or cook on a holiday, take out a piece of paper and easily plan your meals and snacks.

On holidays, we expect to indulge in desserts. If you eat sugar, your immunity will decrease and you will feel lousy.

3. Carry antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer When traveling, we are exposed to many foreign pathogens that we are not immune to. Planes contain germs from all over the world.

Wipe tables, trays, and arms with antibacterial wipe. Especially if your baby is about to use it You never know when you will end up in the bathroom without soap. Use hand sanitizer

4. This probiotic is important.

Buy probiotics that are stable and of high quality. Research shows that quality probiotics increase immunity. In addition, a healthy digestive system is important to be able to handle a variety of new foods, different ingredients, and new water systems that you may consume sufficiently.

5. Check travel recommendations If only bottled water is recommended,

drink bottled water! Remember that this warning may include ice, frozen beverages, coffee, tea, and unripe fruit and vegetables in tap water. Do not let children use tap water to brush their teeth because they may swallow some water.

6. Zinc, vitamin C or other supplements.

The plane is a confined space filled with people from all over the world. Recirculated air is filtered by HEPA filters to eliminate germs. But the chances that many of those germs will travel through you before reaching the filter Research shows that zinc can shorten the duration of colds. There is conflicting research on Airborne, but for a low cost, what you can do to boost your immunity is the most appropriate.

7. Do not schedule vaccinations within three weeks before traveling.

I am a strong supporter of maintaining the vaccination schedule. Except in the event that needs relief such as traveling Reduced immunity, as with colds Schedule an annual physical schedule for after you return.

If you are traveling with a baby, notify the doctor when you plan a trip. They may adjust the vaccination schedule around the trip to ensure adequate coverage while traveling.

If you are traveling to a location that recommends further vaccinations, schedule it as soon as you book the ticket.

8. Stay away from sick people If someone listens,

it looks like they’re hacking their lungs. Don’t try to sit next to them. If you get stuck in their row on a flight, don’t put your littlest aside. They are usually the weakest to get sick.

Keep in mind one or two weeks before your trip as well. Try to avoid anyone who has stuffy nose or stomach ache.

9. Sensitive or allergic skin?

Bring your own laundry detergent, soap, lotion, etc. Bring Benadryl cream and cortisone, even if it is provided at your destination.

10. Exercise.

Do not sleep around like a lump. Your holidays, you do not need to run ten miles a day. But allowing the lymphatic system to pump and the blood flow increases immunity Doing something, timing, hiking, swimming, attending yoga classes

11. Do not overdo it.

I know it’s hard when going on vacation. There are millions of exciting attractions and activities that you want to force, try to balance. Schedule of relaxation during fun

12. Do not stress, say easily, but lose connection, children cry and lost luggage.

Stress weakens the immune system and provides an opportunity to attack and increase disease. When chaos occurs, take a deep breath and follow the wind. Meditation makes life change This may be a good opportunity to try.


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