6 Ways to Recruit Talent in the Agriculture Industry

There are many reasons why recruiting and retaining challenges in the agricultural industry, such as the new generation of Generation Y (in the 20s), is separating from labor and attracting attention to the technology field and Generation X (at the age of 30) do not want to stay away from family for a long time, and thirdly, Zoomers (Baby boomers 50 to 28) are retiring

But these reasons do not need to be seen as negative when looking for recruitment and specially treated for the agricultural industry, rather have the opportunity to focus and ‘sell’ positive results to each demographic group. To attract talent to the industry

Here are 6 ways to recruit in the agricultural industry:
1- Create your recruitment campaign around the value of each model

For example, driving a tractor today is different than it used to be. Today’s devices are fooled with the latest technology.

Users can access the web, use automatic functions and increase security.

This must be communicated to Generation Y, which can handle the task to be repeated. (Such as driving a tractor) if they are told about the advantages They can access social or they can work in the morning and afternoon and evening for free or on certain days they will work 14 hours but they can work in the season and make as much money as they may make in another year.

2- Look at the communities and what they offer.

Younger and family recently. In Entrepreneur magazine (October 2011) there was an article about two Generation X agricultural workers who found they had nothing to do besides working in a small town. Of them and not doing family activities that attract children who are technologically advanced today They set out to create a weekly Wii and XBox Championship, and they set up a web cafe to brainstorm and share technology resources.The opportunity for agricultural companies is to find ways to add value and improve the communities in which they hire workers.

3- Look for industries with similar values ​​when recruiting with many of the soldiers who return home,

they are an ideal talent resource. Generally, those who work in the military are disciplined, willing to work hard, and are accustomed to stay away from family for a period of time.

4- Clear recruitment tools Your existing talent source is a great place to call on more and more workers,

just like them. Encourage your employees to use social media such as Twitter, and Linked In to reach their influencers to participate and invite friends to join the agro industry.

5- Use media seriously

– You Tube is the second search engine on the internet

– Research shows that we are all attracted to video as a means of communication more than any other media,

creating videos that focus on modernity and value.

Popular to tell the story of your agricultural company and to participate and invite talented people to apply for jobs in your company.

Video tapes Happy workers Of all ages and have them tell their story about why they love the agricultural industry. All of your websites should have interesting videos on your homepage and recruitment page.

6- Once you have been selected,

you must ensure that you keep it. Most young people are stuck with one employer for a period of no more than three years.

Instead of seeing this as dishonest, it is considered an opportunity to preserve for as long as possible.

Positive boarding strategies are crucial to increasing recognition, such as reward recognition and good leadership.

If companies don’t focus on retention strategies, they will find themselves constantly recruiting due to high turnover.

It was an exciting time for the agricultural industry in 2011 and afterwards

– it was a big problem to have a lot of jobs that other industries would love!

To recruit and maintain the agricultural industry, we need to combine what we have done in the past with new strategies that include technology,

changing hours and working methods, and matching what the workers want with what your company can provide.


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