How To Start A Rose Farming Business

Roses are without a doubt the Queen of Flowers, whether today or centuries ago.

However, as beautiful as they are, roses are one of the most delicate flowers, which taking care of them takes a lot of time and effort.

With a sudden blow, the bushes may fall and follow the wind, causing an epidemic and unconsciously catching gardeners. For this reason,

roses are more expensive than other flowers on the market.

Due to science and technology,

roses that used to be confined to our gardens, decorate our homes, decorate parties,

now rose into the restaurant’s kitchen as a delicious recipe for diners. On the other hand,

the owner of the hair salon and spa consider the rose extract to be an important component in aromatherapy.

The rose industry is a business that is richer than anyone can imagine. The rose farm in Ethiopia started from scratch.

But now bringing millions of dollars to owners and giving jobs to thousands of Ethiopian communities Planting roses But it’s not as easy as other business endeavors due to considerations such as the study of flexibility in order to weigh the possibility of whether the business will grow or not.

In terms of gardens,

we have to choose a location with a great climate, because roses grow well in tropical and subtropical countries where the climate is balanced, not too cold and not too warm.

The favorable climate allows the roses to bloom with the most beautiful flowers.

The presence of moisture also keeps the soil moist and rains all year round, with heavy rains sometimes during the rainy season helping farmers increase from frequent watering of plants.

As roses are sunshine lovers, exposing them to sunlight for at least six hours a day will definitely do magic with them.

Should have sufficient water resources A well-watered rose grows vigorously and produces large and long flowers and leaves.

Selecting a location with a large water source nearby or irrigation or water pumps will ensure that there is sufficient and continuous water. In the absence of a water tank that will be an excellent water source instead

Good quality roses start from good quality soil.

Roses can grow in all types of soil. However, there are some types of soil where roses grow well. They grow best on soils with pH values ​​from 5.5 to 7.Humus-rich soil is similar to clay in the corresponding category.It is good for plants and is self-sufficient – not sand and not like gravel.

Adding organic substances such as animal manure and organic fertilizer to strengthen the soil But should not act instead of soil Mulch and moss peat on plant bases help to maintain moisture,

thus providing sufficient and continuous water sources 24/7. The mulch decay period makes the soil more fertile.

Growing roses not only But is a rich business But can also treat the disease Who doesn’t give up on the beautiful and fascinating beauty of the rose farm, where the flowers are in full bloom?

It’s the same way that the rose industry is booming.


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