How To Choose The Right Tyre For Your Loader

The loader is a type of heavy equipment that is commonly used to collect, move or transport materials such as sand, gravel, soil, clay, stone, asphalt, soil and debris, usually onto trucks for transportation. There are many types of loaders, each with different advantages for use.

A new loader may be an important investment, so it’s important to ensure that your loader is still in the highest operating conditions.

Choosing the right tire for your loader is one of the best ways to ensure your machine is operating efficiently. The right tires help your loader work more efficiently and will save you money on operating costs and downtime.

The different types of tires that will be used for your front loader, skid steer loader or forklift truck depend on the different terrain that your machine is working on. Lug tires are suitable for traction, smooth tires for sandy or Grass and rubber slipping, suitable for concrete These rubber types are discussed in more detail below.

Pull rubber

The traction tires are called AS Tread and work best in road adhesion. When it comes to deep pulling, the deepest lugs provide the best pulling force and the ability to clean themselves. Traction tires have the least tread on contact with the terrain, allowing to be worn quickly on concrete surfaces. It is also a good choice for sensitive surfaces as it has the highest ground pressure.

Industry pull

Industrial pull or MPT is a multifunctional tire. It may be used for concrete surfaces and for soft soil. If you use your loader on a public road, it is recommended to pull industrial equipment.

Grass pattern

Turf styles may be used for hard concrete surfaces and for sensitive surfaces such as lawns and grass areas. This type of tire has the highest amount of tread when it comes into contact with the working surface and has very low floor pressure, which makes it effective in concrete. The shoulders of the tires are still soft and when carrying the machine, the weight is distributed evenly to reduce damage to the lawn or grass.

Skid steer tread

Skid treads or SKD are heavy-duty, with edge protectors and high ratings. These tires work best on 50% traction and 50% on hard surfaces. Skid tires are only smaller, making them a good choice for small wheel loaders.

Some last words

Every type of rubber is a compromise between traction, strength and wearability. Remember that there is no single perfect tire for the life and total workload of your loader, especially if you work on hard surfaces in one day and on sensitive surfaces. The choice of rubber depends on the surface you usually work on.

Also, please be aware that the loader is not able to use many of the tire options mentioned in this article. Slipping of the machine causes a lot of pressure on the tire to be pulled out. This is the reason why compact loaders are often a better option, as a wider range of tires can be used in a variety of applications.


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