How to Avoid Starting Agricultural Fires

No one working in agriculture should seriously suspect the dangers of a fire.

Although most professionals working in rural areas have great responsibility in terms of reducing the risk of fires Unfortunately,

it is still possible to see examples of scary behavior.

Here are some top tips related to things you should avoid to help minimize the risk of fires in and around your land.

On grass and stubble,

make sure you mow at least two width grasses that light a fire around your building and home.

Inspect all your agricultural equipment to make sure they are in top condition.

No machinery with oil spills and / or fuel as happened Be prepared to pay a specialist

agricultural machinery provider to do your maintenance if you do not feel qualified to do so.

In general, it is assumed that the proportion of fires in rural areas is accidentally caused by people in cities that are unfamiliar with best practices and drought risks.

So keep an eye on people who don’t care about things like barbecue and chatting with them if it seems reasonable. If this is not the case, contact the police.

Be careful with the glass and the broken glass causing it to disappear quickly.

Depending on the exact conditions it can focus on the sun and the light – just like you might remember an experiment in school.

Take special care with supposedly cold barbecue. You can stay hot enough to set fire longer than you think.

Use water to extinguish any carcass before thinking of putting it in the trash or somewhere else.

Bring a fire extinguisher or water tank with a hose when you work in agriculture, far from the main fires,

etc. In fact, this may be a legal requirement in some situations.

Be careful of electrical connections that run outdoors at or near ground level. Dispose of safety and related legal issues.

Cable may be overheating and begin to melt if wiring / load problems occur and vice versa may cause external fire. Electric motor and machinery as well

Beware of fire hazards caused by activities such as brazing, welding, melting and soldering.

Again, follow strict legal guidelines and make sure you have items such as emergency water and firefighting blankets delivered to your hands, especially if you work off-site.

The danger of cigarettes and matches ignored neglected has been prominently emphasized for decades.

But it’s still possible to see people not paying attention here.

Don’t be one of them!

Make sure that all of your vehicles have the right road surface and do not drag things such as damaged exhaust pipes that cause sparks while they are running.

Although not inspired by social responsibility, remember that fines for accidental fire starters can go well in six bodies.

Things that may be violent, especially if property is damaged or injured  as a result

So take a moment to think about things carefully when you work or travel outside in a rural area during the dry season.


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