5 Ways to Travel Solo Without Going It Alone

Traveling alone becomes a hot topic. Not the same as “solo” traveling but a wider group It may include those who are single, married or have a partner / others. More importantly, it may be a businessman who wants to add holidays or extend time to work. Two stumbling blocks for a solo trip are: Whether a lonely holiday as “One party” and ii. Whether eating alone, especially dinner, is really uncomfortable.

Currently visiting 68 countries and 50 states. I found 5 good ways to go alone without feeling that you are “going alone”.

1. River cruises and small cruises

I recommend river cruises and small boats. Ideal for solo travelers for the first time. However, they are excellent for solo travelers who have performed well in two cases. That is where destinations such as Cambodian boat villages are not easily accessible. Secondly, they work well in places with security issues.

Here are some important advantages of rivers and small boats for solo travelers. They are:

– Give your time alone But as a group for tours and meals

– Price is competitive compared to the method in small increments

– Open housework once

– Works well with land packages

– Frequently, package discounts include flights.

2. Choose your own accommodation and day trips

Here are the major advantages of this independent method:

– gives you the opportunity to choose your own interests and travel style

– Providing more opportunities to interact with local residents

– Make you a “holiday” when you want

Work with a range of budgets

3. Combine both methods above

I like this method very much when I travel. On a 17 day solo journey during the new year, I traveled to Southeast Asia. I started with a private taxi tour in Siem Reap, Cambodia. From then, I joined the leading Mekong cruise to Vietnam. In the last leg, I had five days in a 5-star hotel in Bangkok. On my last stop, I tried to see the sights in 3 ways: 1. Big bus tour 2. Private guide and 3. Self-guided subway tour

This combination method puts you in the driver’s seat and:

– Helps you define your own courses while being free to choose and choose.

– Friends, part-time travel groups But still spending time alone

– Make it possible to follow a budget (or splurges) that suit what you need.

4. Early registration for classes abroad

This is very popular right now for cooking classes in France and Italy. However, decades of studying a language abroad have enticed students for a short or full summer course. Add to the options for skiing and diving photography classes.

This is the main advantage of this method.


– Providing you with ready-made groups

– Let your local contact list hear things you shouldn’t miss on the travel itinerary.

– Make it possible to connect with classmates for meals or sightseeing.

-Results of providing local contact services in an emergency

5. Join a volunteer group or exchange program.

I have done twice My first trip to the United States was at the age of 18 years, along with 5 other women in the summer YMCA program in Trinidad and Tobago. It is the best way to learn about everyday life in other countries and participate in community activities.

Endless benefits They include:

– Meet the villagers outside the general tourist route

Visit places that are far and often more unusual.

– Give more effort to volunteer to the community than ever before experiencing natural disasters or other difficulties.

If you are new to traveling alone, check out each of these options. You will be surprised that fast solo travel gives you the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world to make you feel more single!


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