How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage for Your Vacation

It’s as exciting as traveling. It also comes with serious aspects. Flipping your luggage back and forth can be easy or it can cause stress from your travel experience. The first thing you need to do is consider your travel style and meet the specific needs when choosing the right luggage for your holiday. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some important things to consider in advance.

Travel bag or backpack?

We focus on luggage rather than backpacks in this article for the following reasons:


Moving through the airport with a lot of people and traffic while carrying weight on your back is not an easy task. Luggage is much easier to avoid traffic easily.


Just roll your bag easily. This is our main reason for choosing luggage.


The backpack doesn’t give much mobility. You will only have access to the maximum loading mechanism, which you will be forced to delete everything to access the list below. Luggage allows you to see your belongings clearly as soon as you unzip or open them.


Carrying a backpack looks really bad

Hard or soft

You should choose luggage according to your travel needs. For example; Are you traveling for business or fun? Do you plan to carry expensive items that may break easily? The heavy carrying bag is suitable for everyone who carries items such as expensive cameras or your holidays must be in an area with extreme weather conditions. The hard case will prevent anything that may break.

Soft bags suitable for anyone looking for extra storage. These bags are expandable, making it perfect for anyone who wants to bring souvenirs back as well. In addition, the soft carrying case is easy to put in the top compartment.


The important thing to remember is to not buy a handbag that is bigger than you can lift your head. How long will your holiday be next? Many people can survive with less items than others, but when traveling abroad Before buying luggage, ask about the international and domestic size requirements of that airline.

Some aircraft allow less carry-on, so it’s best to restrict yourself to buy luggage that measures 21x13x9 and focuses on 15 – 20 pounds.

Here are the details of the popular handbag sizes:

International luggage size is mostly 18 – 20 inches.

The most popular portable size is 21 – 22 inches – this is a good size with plenty of space. But light enough to lift You can travel for one month without much hassle.

If you are traveling with a loved one, medium size would be perfect. Therefore, consider buying a carry-on bag 23 – 24 inches.

For those who love to have more space, then 25 – 27 inches will help you have plenty of space to carry souvenirs or your clothes. In addition, if you are relaxing with your family, you can keep everyone in this bag for easy management.

Size 28 – 32 inches is too big for luggage It’s very big and difficult to create. This size is best for anyone planning to travel abroad or anyone thinking of staying in another country for a long time.

Sometimes buying two small luggage is better than buying a bigger and heavier luggage. Received, you have to pay extra. But it’s worth it because you don’t have to worry about packing everything in one bag or paying too much fee when traveling home with souvenirs.


Best way is to buy a bag with unique patterns and colors. This way, you will find it easier to look at it on the carousel of the bag. In addition, you will not accidentally make a mistake with other people’s bags.


Wheel options come in two options; Two or four two wheels are the most common thing as these bags are lighter and easier to operate. You can also easily pull your luggage onto the ladder without having to manually lift it up. However, this type of case is prone easily.

The four upright wheels allow you to easily turn to the side in a crowded or shallow path, such as in an airplane.

Look for bags with locking wheels that will prevent your bags from rolling over.


Always make sure that your luggage has waterproof materials or at least has a sealant to dry your belongings. This is very important because sometimes your luggage may be placed on a wet, sticky or dirty surface by the carrier.

If your bag doesn’t have moisture-proofing material, put the plastic bag on the top and bottom. (Garbage bags or dry cleaning bags will do well). This simple trick will keep your clothes dry. If luggage is wet outside


Buy a suitcase that comes with an adjustable strap. These straps will help keep your belongings safe and compressed.

Piggy Back Clip

Have you ever seen the clip on the top of the luggage? They are called pig back clips and they allow travelers to cut a smaller second bag on a bigger bag. In this way, your items will be safe at the same time throughout the journey.

If your luggage doesn’t come with any pig clip, you can go online and buy it at a reasonable price.


Channels are useful when you need to organize things. For example; Instead of storing shampoo or small liquids with your clothes, store them in an external bag. (Which will help prevent your clothes from being damaged in the event of spills). They can also be easily searched when needed.


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